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Use gracias in a sentence

    Gracias is defined as thank you in Spanish.

    An example of gracias is what you say after someone helps you in a Spanish-speaking country.


thank you

Origin of gracias


  1. (Spanish, colloquial) thank you
Related terms
  • muchas gracias
  • grassy ass

Spanish gracias (“thank you”)

SentencesSentence examples


Sentence Examples

  • Its length, from Cape Gracias a Dios to the San Juan delta, is nearly 300 m.
  • As far as 85° W., and constitutes the frontier until it reaches the sea at Cape Gracias a Dios, after a course of more than 450 m., during which it receives many tributaries.
  • In addition to the three names of Segovia, Coco or Cocos, and Wanks, which are applicable to the whole river, different parts have from time to time received the names of Cabullal, Cabrugal, Cape River, Encuentro, Gracias, Herbias, Oro, Pantasma, Portillo Liso, Tapacac, Telpaneca, Somoro, Yankes, Yare and Yoro.
  • In 1508 Ojeda obtained from the Spanish crown a grant of the district from Cape Vela westward to the Gulf of Darien, while the rest of the country from the Gulf of Darien to Cape Gracias-a-Dios was bestowed on his fellow-adventurer, Nicuessa.
  • Le occurs, as in Old Castilian, in words formed with the suffix ellum (castiellu, portiellu), while modern Castilian has reduced Ce to C. E, i, u, post-tonic for a, e, 0: penes (penas), gracies (gracias), esii (este), frenti, (frente), liechi (leche), nuechi (noche), unu (uno), primeru (primero).
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